Delta Academy

The Delta Academy (DA) South began their meeting by also reflecting on the December Kwanzaa Celebration.  Each participant explained their take away from Kwanzaa and there was a discussion which taught them that Kwanzaa is a cultural experience and not a religious celebration. There was a discussion regarding Dr. Martin King Biography and Contributions – the effect on society during his life time and today.  The girls participated in a Stem Science Presentation.  The presenter was Mrs. Vonetta Evans (Honors Science Teacher at Cutler Bay High School.  Mrs. Evans presented a stem workshop on exploring the science behind the gene Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA).  The young ladies were given the materials to construct their own DNA chain.  Materials used were a paper plate, toothpicks, multicolored jellybeans and twizzler candy.  The girls were given an interactive written quiz to test their comprehension of the information given. They all passed.  Which proves that science can be fun!!  As a continuation of the science focus, Facilitator Bevelin McLaughlin provided books that focused on Black Women Scientist.  The books will be used monthly.

As the time ran out, the vision board activity will be completed in the next meeting. Looking forward as we are in as new year, the girls developed vision boards.  Their focus was What’s your Vision for 2020 is it little or is it PLENTY?  The concluding activity was a discussion of February’s activities.  The girls were asked to share some contributions by African Americans in the fields of math, science, politics, religion, arts and sports.