Best Cordless Clippers for Dogs

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Most dog owners are naturally drawn towards a cordless clipper. They are more convenient and make it easier to reach awkward places without scaring your dog, so it’s easy to see why they are popular. With that said, cordless clippers aren’t the right option for everyone. While they are great for grooming your dog at home, especially quick touch-ups or clipping the coats of smaller breeds, they have a limited battery life and aren’t as powerful. If you’re grooming a big dog, you might need to recharge the clippers which can take several hours. The average cordless machine is also slower at clipping. As they are battery powered, these models have weaker motors to conserve energy. Your dog will be glad to you if you have the best cordless dog clippers. This might not matter for dogs with a relatively thin coat, but for thick coats or mats a corded machine is a better option. To summarize, professional groomers or people with big dogs that need full grooms should go for corded clippers. If you’re only going to be using the machine as a trimmer between grooms, or if your pet has relatively thin fur, a cordless clipper could be a good choice.
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Listed below are three of the best cordless dog clippers, along with reviews of each model. Make sure you read the reviews before you buy, as the right option depends on your requirements and budget. You’ll notice that I haven’t included any of the ultra-cheap models found on many shopping sites. While these can be useful, especially for quickly trimming small areas, they tend to be less durable, weaker and noisier than the best models. The noise and heat generated by these models, in particular, makes them difficult to use for any length of time. I recommend spending a bit more on a high-quality clipper, as it makes the grooming process much smoother for you and your dog. My top pick for a rechargeable clipper is the excellent Oster Pro 3000i. It’s a stylish model that’s powered by a lithium-ion battery, so it can last up to two hours on a single charge. The 3000i is also a durable model that’s designed for professionals.

At its core, the Oster Pro is a single speed machine with a rotary motor and lithium-ion battery. It runs at 3000 SPM, which isn’t as high as most corded Oster clippers. It still cuts through hair easily, however, and can run for more than two hours before needing to be recharged. As you would expect from a premium cordless model, the Pro 3000i is fantastic at cutting hair. It’s not as effective as the best corded models, but if you want a cordless machine it’s hard to beat and will make managing your dog’s hair much easier. The Pro 3000i comes with a #10 blade, although it’s also compatible with all Oster A-5 blades. Size 10 blades are great for the ears, face and stomach, but you’ll probably want to buy other blades and combs depending on the body cut you need. The biggest downside of the 3000i is the price. This is an expensive machine that costs much more than corded models with similar performance. There’s also no variable speed option. Despite the high price tag, the Oster Pro 3000i is an excellent machine that’s suitable for both home use and professionals. It’s convenient to use, relatively lightweight and has a long run-time. If you’re looking for cordless pet clippers, the Pro 3000i is the gold standard.


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